Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ginny Owens' New Project "Ephemera"

Ginny Owens upcoming E.P. EphemeraA beautiful flower which, while breathtaking, fades in a short time and is gone...A whiff of Orange Blossoms as you drive past one of the few remaining orange groves in Glendale or Mesa, AZ....A section of sidewalk art in multicolored chalk...An ice sculpture created late in the winter, just before Spring thaws begin...These are all things we can describe as Ephemera. They are to exist but for a moment, so that we may enjoy them while they are here. The only thing remaining of them after the object or experience itself is gone, is the memory of it.

While Ginny Owens project, Ephmera, is slightly more enduring (it is an E.P., which can be pre-ordered from her excellent new web site it still is very special in that it will not always be available and we should all be sure to get a copy before time runs out and we are kicking ourselves for missing the opportunity. (Kind of like that feeling you get when they overbook a plane and then offer to pay just ONE passenger a couple hundred bucks, provide accommodations in a nearby five-star hotel and a free round-trip ticket anywhere you want to go in addition to getting you out on a plane the next day to your destination via first class. Obsessing, albeit briefly, about what it will do to your schedule for the next 24-48 hours, you hesitate - just a second - and someone else gets their hand up before you!) Darn! Missed it!

Dont let this chance pass you by. These songs were specially crafted with us, Ginny's loyal fans, in mind, as she uses them to give us a glimpse into her mind and heart these past couple of years she has been back home in Jackson, MS, helping her mother through a serious health issue. They were recorded simply, with guitar and piano accompanying Giny's sweet vocals, and will most likely be included in a later studio production CD.

Let's all enjoy the contemplative subject matter of this project as Ginny sings about the "ephemeral qualities our lives possess" (as she expresses it on her web site) and add this gem to our collections of our favorite singer's works!

When you get your copy, listen to it and post a comment to my blog. We can discuss what the songs mean or anything else about the E.P. that you care to!


Tim Mrva