Monday, August 24, 2009

McDonalds Angus Third Pounder & WiFi

Hi Everyone,
This will be short. I am writing this from McDonalds.
I stopped by McDonalds to grab a bite to eat while Cindy is at a Women's board meeting at church. I stopped here for one primary reason: Access to their fast WiFi so I could get some work done while waiting. My secondary reason was to grab a bite. BIG MISTAKE!
My first disappointment was when I tried to log into their WiFi and found out that IT IS NOT FREE WI-FI!!!! What's up with that? That totally stinks!
My second disappointment came with my first bite into the Angus Third Pounder. I could go on and on, describing what I REALLY think about it, but suffice it to say that I will never order one again. It is completely AWFUL. A total waste of money. Who can eat this stuff? It is just awful, that is all there is to it.
The only good things about this visit to the McDonalds at Main and Hovey in Normal were:
  • The restaurant was very clean,
  • The service was fast and friendly
  • There were plenty of empty tables at 11:45 in the afternoon. (I suppose I should have taken the plenty of empty tables at lunch time as my first clue as to what to expect from my food experience.)
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST (and this actually ended up redeeming the experience for me) - I met Bill, a distinguished gentleman who works there as their customer service person in the front of the restaurant (the folks who clean up after the patrons). He is a delightful man, a retired pastor, and a Godly person with whom I had a deep and meaningful conversation regarding the Lord, Prayer, the state of America and numerous other subjects. I would go back to this McDonalds just to have another conversation with this man.
Please refer to my post earlier this year entitled "Meatheads". You pay just slightly more for the food there, but the food is WAY WAY WAY WAY better than this burger was, which I am not sure can even be called food. I think I will stick to their ice cream (passable) and their coffee (not too bad). Other than those foods I probably will never eat at McDonalds again if I can help it.
By the way, I did NOT pay for my internet connection there at McDonalds so that I could write this. I used my Verizon Wireless card, although it is a much slower connection. At least I did not have to pay for their WiFi.
All the best,


  1. We love Bill too! And while McD's food leaves much to be desired, I do like their coffee. And did you know that if you by a travel coffee mug from there, you get .38 cent coffee/soda refills? Chuck drinks regular and I drink decaf (making a single coffee pot difficult in our house!) so we get our coffe there in the mornings. This McD's is superior in service and cleanliness. Bill is always there with a smile and especially wonderful is our friend Steve, aka Steve-O the fry guy. Of course, I'd be remiss to not mention a particularily handsome cashier named Riley that actually smiles once in awhile, but only when he's away from home! We suggested that Riley apply at this McD's because the management is excellent, restaurant clean and clientele, well, eh hem...we're there every morning!
    I think it stinks they don't have free Wi-Fi and I asked about that once....Answer: being so close to a college campus they would have loitering groups of young people in their already crowded restaurant. Coffee Hound in Uptown is free...and Of Course you could sit behind our garage and surf our net next time. Oh, Fusion Brew is FREE WI FI!!! But, it's always REALLY crowded in there during the school year with college students...because it's free wi fi! But you gotta love the bubble tea!


    Lin Marie

  2. That's what you get for trying to eat a burger that's a third of a pound! Just kidding. I wasn't feeling well the other day and after picking Sean up from school thought a McFlurry sounded good. So I drove up to the drive-thru, ordered my McFlurry and was told the ice cream machine was out of order. What? So then, of course I was stuck in the drive-thru until the car in front of me got their order. Arg. Don't even get me started on how much we have to meticulously check our order when we go to El Pollo Loco. But I do love their food.

  3. OH I miss El Pollo Loco. Their food IS wonderful! I wish they had them here. You know who else I miss? SONIC! Man, I have to drive almost an hour to get to the closest one! (of course, for you guys, that's practically "in the neighborhood", an hour drive LOL! - now THAT I don't miss about PHX!)
    Miss you guys!