Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Don't just wear your Christian Apparel - LIVE IT!

Halas & Phos is an on-line Christian Bookstore for Gifts, Apparel & More! Halas is Greek for "Salt" and Phos is Greek for "Light". Through Halas & Phos, we strive to be the Salt & Light to the world.


( December 2, 2009 -- How many times do you think about what you slip on in the morning? What does it say about who you are or what you represent? Do the name brand shirts you wear represent you, your beliefs and your values or are you being used as free advertising? These are questions we should all think about. If you wear Christian apparel you are not only representing who you are but who Jesus is. Are you being a good advertisement for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Halas & Phos encourages you to not just slip on your Christian Apparel but LIVE what it says!

So who is Halas & Phos? Halas & Phos is owned and operated by Tim and Cindy Mrva. Tim and Cindy have been serving the Lord for over 20 years. Through Halas & Phos, our lives and our ministry pages we strive to be Salt & Light to the world.

So who are you and what is your mission? You too are called to be the Salt & Light! Matthew 5:13-16: “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world…Let your light shine before men…” What is Halas & Phos Mission? Halas & Phos can help you be the Salt & Light in your corner of the world. You can visit our devotional and Bible study aids pages to encourage you in your faith and to strengthen you for the days ahead of you. Our huge selection of Christian-themed apparel and jewelry allows you to wear your faith. Grow in your know knowledge of the word with our Bibles and Bible Study Aids. Display Christian artwork in your home or office.

Halas & Phos is your “local” and “worldwide” online Christian Bookstore for Gifts, Bibles, Books, Home D├ęcor, Jewelry, Homeschool Curriculum and fun Christian apparel. Halas & Phos is at your fingertips 24-hours a day. You can thumb through the newest Bible or pick out a t-shirt off the rack simply by visiting our user-friendly website. Most importantly, Halas & Phos goes to great security lengths to protect your information.

What’s most unique about Halas & Phos is that we offer the same great customer service as if you walked in off the street to shop. Our convenient toll-free number allows you to have your questions answered and individual needs met by speaking directly to Halas & Phos owners. Live!
If you stop by to shop and you don’t find the Christian item you are looking for give us a call. We have access to over 43,000 products that are not currently on our website. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the item you are looking for.

Halas & Phos invites you to SURF on by and check out our website at Halas & Phos – the Salt & Light in Central Illinois! Don’t forget to LIVE IT!
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