Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Best Coffee in the Grocery Store

OK friends, this is one of my less spiritual posts, but you know what they say about variety being the spice of life and all, so bear with me.
Cindy and I just left Jewel Osco on the corner of Hovey and Cottage in Normal

where we just picked up my favorite coffee: Chock Full O Nuts. Never heard of it? Well you must try it. Not only is it the best coffee you can buy at a supermarket, but it is the best value. The cans are 39-Oz, not wimpy 33 or 34.5-Oz cans like Folgers and Maxwell House, and it's LESS EXPENSIVE. Plus, I am delighted every time I brew a pot of "New York's Coffee Since 1932" because it is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to brew a bad pot of this wonderfully smooth and consistent java. There's a reason they call it "The Heavenly Coffee" because it nearly is just that - heavenly.
I used to get Chock Full O Nuts coffee in Michigan when we lived there but when we moved to Arizona we could not get it. So I struggled along with the other brands and put up with inferior coffee for years. After we moved to Illinois, I had all but forgotten about Chock Full O Nuts since it had been so long since I had seen it in a grocery store. It was a few years ago, on a trip to Chicago for work (when I had a "day job") that I found Chock Full O Nuts once again, and picked up a can. It was just like I remembered it! Not wanting to have to buy it in bulk on my monthly Chicago trips, but desiring to find it locally, I began a campaign to try to convince stores in Bloomington Normal to carry it consistently in the large can (much better value than the small can)! When I could get it here, I could only find it in the tiny can, and that is depressing since I go through those really fast. Praise the Lord that Jewel-Osco heard my cry and brought in some of the large cans. It's on sale now, also, for $ 8.99 (Sometimes in Chicago, I could get it for as low as $ 6.00!)
So PLEASE go out and get some Chock Full O Nuts from the Jewel Osco at the corner of Hovey and Cottage or any other store you find it at. (HINT: They do NOT stock it in the big cans at Krogers or at Meijers!) I am convinced you will love the flavor and aroma of it as much as I do.
THANK YOU Jewel Osco for stocking my favorite brand!
OK now to any of you who thought I was nuts, your suspicions have been confirmed. I am "Chock Full O Nuts" - LOL!
Have a blessed evening.
P.S. If you try it please post to this column and let me know what you think!

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