Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sharing Your Faith - "by Faith"

Read Hebrews 11:1-39...
Isn't it interesting how fearful we can become when an opportunity arises to share our faith? Have you ever experienced that knot in your throat, that dry, cotton-mouth feeling or the nervous jitters? Right as you're about to speak, does your mind race, running through a thousand scenarios of how you could crash and burn, or how you might really stink at witnessing? Does your voice go hoarse just before you begin to share or while you're in the midst of talking? Does your mind play tricks on you - "What if they heard me slip last week when I lost patience with that customer and muttered a complaint after I put them on hold to ask the boss yet another dumb question?"
Now consider the saints of old mentioned in today's reading. They were all flawed, fragile humans when they were called upon by God to do extraordinary things. If we read the whole story of each of their lives we see sins and failings which make some of our shortcomings pale in insignificance. Yet they all stepped out in faith "and it was accounted to them as righteousness". So don't worry or let fear take hold when you act in obedience to share Christ with another. Instead, ask God for strength for the task and remember His promise in 2 Perer1:3-8, that He has given us everything we need for the task and to live righteously.
So what is the "So what"? - It's this: the saints of old were moved by the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Spirit was UPON them, but you, as a born-again believer have the Holy Spirit dwelling WITHIN you. Allow Him to guide you as you share your testimony or speak about Christ to that friend or co-worker and leave the rest to God. Remember, worry is down payment on problems which have not occurred yet and in an account you do not want to draw interest!
Trust Jesus and share with boldness.
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