Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pet Peeve of the Week

Posted on January 06, 2013 by Tim Mrva
The world is our ashtray and garbage dump!
banana peel in parking lot
I think this was at Sam's Club.
These photographs are scenes I have observed all over the place, anywhere we have lived. They are the "poster children" for the attitudes of so many people in America that it has become necessary for entire crews of people to be tasked with removing the garbage that is brazenly thrown out of car windows into parking lots, along highways, and into the landscaping of every major shopping center, hospital, industrial complex, strip mall, church, school and apartment complex.
If you guessed that my "Pet Peve of the Week" is littering, you would be correct. What is it that makes people think that they have the right to throw their refuse out into the world for someone else to deal with? Is this fallout from growing up in a household where kids were
smashed banana peel in parking lot
I think this was at Fry's Food Store.
not made to do any chores, didn't have to clean up after themselves or were never given any responsibility? Perhaps. My generation was raised in homes where personal responsibility WAS taught! But yet I see people of all ages - including baby boomers and fifty-something's as well as Generation X and Generation Y People and (still not an official name) Generation Z Kiddo's - violating the law by discarding their trash in public places. As a society, have we become so careless about other people's property that we feel entitled to do this? Or is it the minority of individuals, doing it at such a prolific rate that it just SEEMS to me like "everyone is doing it"?
the parking lot is my ash tray!
Dreamstime Stock Photo
Smokers are, in my opinion, among the worst of these offenders. Somehow they reason that it is OK to make the great outdoors their ash tray. The highways and streets of America are their butt can. At night I see the dim glow of a cigarette butt flicked out the window of the car ahead of me and witness the sparkle of tobacco cinders that scatter along the pavement before dying out. "Someone has to pick that up, you (expletive deleted)!", I find myself thinking. Of course there are the "responsible" drivers who save the product of their disgusting habit in the ashtray provided by auto makers, only to dump it out in the parking lot of their local Wal-Mart, Kroger, Piggly-Wigly or Costco Club. Some child has to walk by the car of this person and see that! What kind of impression is that going to leave? What lesson will that teach?
Circle K Parking Lot
Outside a Circle K Store on Deer Valley.
I wish there was a way that we could all watch out for these offenders and call them out on it, but we seldom ever see it actually happening. I am not sure what it would look like and how it would work, but I do think something needs to be done to make the act of littering SO unacceptable that nobody does it any more.
How about you? Any ideas?
I am not some "rabid, nutso tree hugging environmentalist", and I realize that in the grand scheme of things this is probably not going to matter much during this brief blip on the screen that my lifetime represents in comparison to eternity, but It just grinds me that SO MANY people feel that making messes for someone else to clean up is somehow "OK". The real bottom line is this: Littering is bad. Not littering is good. I can back that up with the bible: "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin." - James 4:17, New King James Version (NKJV)
PHOTO LOCATIONS: 1st Photo: Sam's Club Parking Lot, Glendale, AZ. | 2nd Photo: Frys Food Store Parking Lot, Glendale, AZ | 3rd Photo: Dreamstime Stock Photo | 4th Photo: Circle K Parking Lot, 27th Avenue & Deer Valley Road, Phoenix